Setting the Standard of Makeup Artistry 

in the Pacific Northwest.

The makeup industry in the Northwest is a burgeoning market. Film industries are drawn to the lush green and urban landscapes, fashion is finding a steady foothold in Portland, and there’s a steady stream of theater troupes, photographers, and event coordinators that are in need of talented makeup artists.

Cedar’s Academy is a hub of inspiration, beauty, creativity, and passion. Here artists cultivate their talents and find the horizons of their future closer and within grasp. Cedar's Academy is all about career advancement, education, helping create a better licensing process for makeup artists, and redefining a region’s beauty industry - setting a new standard in makeup artistry.

Founder of Cedar's Academy of Makeup Artistry - Cedar Lapp

An aspiring makeup artist shouldn’t have to endure countless hours and thousands of dollars of cosmetology or esthetician school for a mere 1% of makeup education. Cedar’s Academy can provide a better institution for these artists. In turn, Cedar’s Academy can provide artists with the quality for the Northwest’s film, fashion, theater, event and photography industries.


A stunning smokey eye on the stunning by @marjanethemua


Besides developing our student's makeup application technique, we exercise their creativity through daily sketchwork activities. We also hone their eye for color through color theory exercises and keep their fine art skills strong through makeup face chart assignments.

By utilizing a demo/practice teaching method, our students are shown on a demo model how a specific technique is done, then will practice this technique on a fellow student or model(s). Through constant practice of techniques on each other, models and eventually Cedar’s Academy customers, students will hone their skills to perfection.

Business skills are essential. Our students learn freelancing skills, business management, brand development, marketing techniques, and customer relations. Students also develop a professional portfolio showcasing their best work while in the academy. This portfolio will be the key to building their network of industry professionals and clients. 

Cedar’s Academy is a leading-edge makeup school with an accelerated program dedicated to nurturing aspiring makeup artists’ creativity, technique, and professionalism by focusing solely on makeup knowledge and application, freelancing know-how, and offering a kit that has everything a graduate needs to make money immediately.

It is the academy’s mission to create artists of quality and set the standard of makeup artistry in the Northwest and beyond through its talented student body and alumni.