Makeup Artistry Course


Makeup Artistry Certification Course 

12 weeks

(50 hours class time, 50 hours lab time) 



Over the course of 12 weeks, students will learn the practical and artistic uses of makeup application and beauty business knowledge.



This is a Demo/Practice course in which topics are presented by the instructor, demonstrated on a model, then students practice on each other or on an assigned model. Students will also complete weekly face charts at home that will be critiqued and graded during the practice portion of the following class. Before & After photos will be taken of makeup assignments in the designated photo area and submitted for critique and grading. Classes will conclude with students cleaning and disinfecting their work areas and tools.



It is Cedar’s Academy’s goal to nurture a makeup artist's’ creativity, technique, and professionalism by focusing solely on makeup knowledge and application, freelancing know-how, and offering a kit that has everything a graduate needs to make money immediately. It is the academy’s mission to create artists of quality and set the standard of makeup artistry in the Northwest and beyond through its talented student body and alumni.



  • Color Theory

  • Color Matching/Correction

  • Contouring

  • Beauty Looks

  • Product/Tool Knowledge

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Business Management

  • Editorial work, High fashion

  • Intro to airbrush/Special FX

  • Wedding Etiquette/Business

  • Contracts

Class Structure is Live-Demo and Practice Class 


Face charts, additional lookbook work, industry research, and other homework/quizzes included. 

In this class, you will learn:

Color Theory • Color Correction • Foundation Matching • Contouring • Eyebrows Multiple Beauty Looks • Intro to Hair Design • Intro to Airbrushing

Intro to Special FX • Beauty Business Basics






Orientation / Intro to Business

Students learn about Business Entities, how to Market their Makeup Services, set up their Portfolio, and Price their Services. Intro to Business helps prepare our CAMA students to start their own makeup business.




Business / Sanitation / Skin Care

Students learn more information about Business, proper sanitation procedures for their Makeup Kits, Brushes, and workstation, as well as skincare.


During Color Theory and Color Correction, students learn the color wheel, color tones, as well as complementary colors. Students will also learn how to perform color correction. 




Foundation / Contour / Highlight / Brows / Smokey Eye

Students will learn about skin tones, foundation application, contouring makeup, and how to accent, highlight, and enhance the face. 

Learn to contour for different eye types, and learn how to flatter eye colors and shapes. Students will also learn critical information on shading and be creating shapes using the natural brow.


Sculpt Face / Color Correction

Students will learn how to assess skin imperfections and all about correctors and concealers. Included in this day are the corrective makeup practices, how to enhance skin complexion and add dimension, and corrective techniques for facial focal points.​​


Cut Crease / Wing Liner / Baking 

Students will learn how to perform eyeshadow techniques such as cut crease and smokey eye techniques; as well as makeup baking techniques



Halo / Holiday Looks

Students will learn how to perform Halo eyeshadow technique and learn how to create Holiday Looks.


Editorial work, High fashion




Intro to Airbrushing

Students will learn how Airbrush makeup safety and hygienic practices, choosing and maintaining your airbrush tools, creating a seamless makeup base, contouring and highlighting. As well as learning complete makeup applications.​​


Students will learn the basics of contracts and booking. As well as pricing and sales strategies. On this Day students will learn about goals and strategies to grow their business.


Students learn the fundamentals of special FX makeup on Day 11. Glam and Gash Day teaches students how to create gory gash creation as well as glam special FX makeups. 


On Day 12 Students will learn more about the ins and outs of the business, building a business network and growing your business. This is the last Day of the Course and includes lab hours check off as well as the exit interview.